Weird Skin Bits: Marinate in Olive Oil

Olive oil from Imperia in Liguria, Italy.

Our loved Italian food staple ingredient has a whole new level of benefit for our skin, too

Marinate for 1 minute… turn once, then shower.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of natural things working against our skin in winter. Beautiful hot showers being one of them. The pH in hot water doesn’t agree with your skin, too much can lead to dryness and irritation problems. But, knowing that this won’t stop anyone (me included), there are simple tricks to give your skin a hot water defence.

Massaging in an oil before showering is the easiest way to help protect your skin’s natural protective layer. Olive oil is fantastic, because along with creating a barrier of protection, it also has vitamin’s A and E, and anti-oxidants like Hydroxytyrosol (rare and powerful anti-oxidant widely found in olive oil), helping to fight free-radical damage to the skin. It’s also been noted to have anti-ageing and anti-acne effects.

A small amount before each shower will make noticeable difference in skin texture, try it for a week and you will see it, I promise!


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