Calculate how pretty you are… it’s a mathematical formula

“The Golden Ratio“, 1.618

Does it seem pretty to you? 1.6?

In YOU: Being Beautiful, expert researchers have sifted through decades of research, sought out experts and determined what it is that makes us beautiful. Dr Mehmet Oz says that “looking at appearance is actually our hardwired, instinctual way of determining the health and fertility of a potential partner. Before you could draw someone’s blood or look at their DNA or get an x-ray, we could – in a quarter of a second – look at each other and say ‘I want you to have my child’ what that means is that you can find beauty immediately.”

True beauty is about being healthy, inside and out. it’s something we are hard-wired to see immediately when we meet somebody, this is why first impressions are so important.

“Beauty”, as discovered through this research, can be quantified. The professionals that put this information together didn’t claim to ‘see’ beautiful things to compare them, they used this simple mathematical equation to determine pleasing aesthetics.

Defining Beauty

They concluded that beauty depends on ratio. This ratio is dependent on symmetry and proportion. We are naturally hard-wired to find someone more attractive if they are proportionate to the rest of their features. The golden number that was the conclusion of this research on how to measure facial prettiness was 1.618, “The Golden Ratio”. This number is well documented and used throughout history. The Parthernon was said to be modelled off this ratio, which is said to have harmonious proportions which can be translated into human features.

Next article, how to calculate how ‘pretty’ you are


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