The Mathematical Formula; calculate your beauty

Ok, grab a calculator. Oh, and a picture of yourself, unless you want to go round in circles trying to measure your face in the mirror. Bear in mind that this should only be done for fun, of course everyone is beautiful (political correctness much!?)!

I used an iPad with my picture and a drawing app (I get a bit app-crazy with my iPad, this one actually had a measuring feature). I did this a while ago, for a radio segment… my face is off-centre I know, but I compensated for that in my measurements. Best to have a face shot that is facing directly forward. Write all the measurements down and calculate at the end…

Step 1, top of head down to bottom of chin, and across widest part of face

calculate-your-beauty-step-1, faceted beauty

Step 2,  Top of the head to the pupil / the pupil to the lip

faceted beauty, calculate your beauty

Step 3,  Tip of the nose to the chin / the centre of the lips to the chin

calculate your beauty, faceted beauty

Step 4, The tip of the nose to the chin / the pupils to the tip of the nose

calculate-your-beauty-step-4, faceted beauty

Step 5, Width of the nose / the nose tip to the lips

calculate your beauty, faceted beauty

Step 6, Distance between the outside of the eyes / the hairline to the pupil

calculate your beauty, faceted beauty

Step 7, Length of the lips / the width of the nose

Now, for each step, take the bigger number, and divide it by the smaller one. There should be 7 numbers somewhere around 1.5 – 1.6. Add all 7 of them together and divide by 7 (this gives an average). The closer you are to 1.618, the more “beautiful” ie. aesthetic, your face is!

Shae’s average – 1.57 (woo hoo!)

Here’s another interesting face about the golden ratio, the proportion of distance between Mecca and North Pole to the distance between Mecca and South Pole is exactly 1.618.

There are some more freakishly uncanny examples here


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