Top this!

To top or not to top? Many people have very set preference when it comes to waxing the top of their brows. There’s an old wives’ tale that suggests we should never shape above the brows, but here’s the reality of it:

Some people, need the tops done. Their hair just simply grows from the top of their brow to the start of their hairline (lucky them! They have hair to play with!) it’s the only way they will get definition in their shape. Other, not-so-luckies… The ones that want more thickness or ‘oomph’, should probably avoid waxing above. If you don’t have the bulk in the eyebrow, then waxing above, no matter how neat it might make it, will make it look thin.

First and foremost, there are plenty of oil glands at the top of the brows (much more than underneath), its very common to breakout.

Another good reason to keep the above if you’re worried about bulk, is that eyebrow powders will grab any baby fluff hairs, so if you’re colouring them in (don’t worry, I fall into this category too), brow powder will happily stick to those baby fluff hairs, so best leave them. Don’t be afraid to be vocal with your therapist, too. After I’m done telling you about brows you will be such an expert that any therapist will be too scared to not let you leave with amazing eyebrows! Stay tuned!


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