Pimples hate moisture. (But your skin loves it)!

How moisturising can help combat breakout:

Breakout is a very tricky subject. I thought I would touch on it again after the popularity of my popping pimples article. It’s something I love talking about, but going through it can be awful.

If you are breaking out, there are a number of things to think about so that you can starting breaking-down your breakout. 

1. How big are the pimples? Are we looking at breakout that is deep, red, inflamed lumps? or surface congestion breakout, like blackheads/whiteheads?

2. Where on the face specifically are you breaking out (or is it just all over?)? Different areas of congestion on the face can mean different things. I will go into much further detail on this subject in my next article on skin. It’s really very interesting.

3. Are you breaking out all the time or does it fluctuate? This one is usually directed more towards women, as the dreaded cycle can cause big issues (when the not-so-nice symptoms just seem to want to burst through the skin on your face!)

For those with fluctuating breakout, straight up, it’s probably the hardest to treat. This is because it’s an internal form of acne. That being said, there are ways of reducing the symptoms. This kind of breakout is usually red, lumpy and sore.

Keep it moist!

Just because it’s inflamed doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be nourished. Look for soothing ingredients, like allantoin, aloe vera etc. They won’t eliminate the breakout, but they will help to reduce the symptoms by reducing swelling and redness.

For those with surface congestion …which often shows in the form of blackheads and whiteheads, and small pimples close to the surface (the ‘poppers’ as I usually refer to them to) …more often than not, when a professional takes a good look into your skin layers, they will tell you that your skin is dehydrated. (of course this is not the ONLY reason for breakout, there are many)

This analysis is often misinterpreted, because dehydration is very different to oil flow. A dehydrated skin doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not oily, it means that it’s lacking water. Think about cracks in dry mud. This is what dehydrated skin looks like close-up. How easily could those cracks trap dirt, creating a tiny infection that leads to a pimple?

Dehydration, breakout, faceted beauty

Water or hydration is so essential to the normal functioning of your skin. Our skin needs everything that our bodies need, to survive. It’s just that unfortunately, being the last port of call for the nutrient train within your body, and also having the unfortunate task of being your bodies toxin excretory system, the skin ends up with the crusty, filtered ends of our nutrients. So, keeping hydrated from the inside will definitely benefit. But, more importantly, hydrating your skin from the outside will make a dramatic difference to breakout skin. It will help to reform the cracked, dehydrated barrier, allowing your skin to hold in it’s nutrients (instead of them evaporating straight out of the dehydrated cracks!) and use that nutrient to repair itself, which will ultimately lead to less or no breakout.

If you need to know what to moisturise with, check out my Hyaluronic Acid article. Look for something that is suitable for your skin type, not your current skin condition. By moisturising for your type, you will find that your skin rebuilds itself back up to it’s healthiest level much more quickly, and will give your skin a break from breakout.


4 thoughts on “Pimples hate moisture. (But your skin loves it)!

  1. I am really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog.

    Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself?
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    • Hi there, thank you for the very kind comment —I truly appreciate it! To be honest, I have been a little bit busy and neglecting my blog a little bit, but your comment has inspired me to keep writing! So stay tuned, more articles to come very shortly

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