To wax or not to wax; Beauty Room Ettiquette

I can imagine being on the waxed-end of the waxing stick would be a hell of a lot harder than us therapists actually performing the treatment.

Here are my top recommendations to keep in mind (that might be a little too awkward to speak about face-to-face for some people)

  1. Brazilian waxing. I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t tickle. It can hurt, if you aren’t prepared for that, don’t book it. Try a high bikini instead. Especially for your first ever wax. There is no quick-fix pain relief prevention (apparently popping painkillers beforehand helps). One thing that does help, is to take a sharp breath in as the wax is being pulled off (maybe explain this to your therapist though so you don’t look crazy!). And make sure you go somewhere you’re comfortable.
  2. First time or too-long-inbetween bikini waxing; don’t apologise (it’s not really bothering us! It’s our job!), trim the area though – it will make it much quicker and easier for you. About 1cm total length is fine
  3. Big bikini no-nos; when it’s that time of the month (see I did say it might get a little awkward). I say this, but some therapists may be ok with it. In my experience, it’s best to cancel. Don’t be afraid to call and cancel, just be honest and say I need to postpone for a week due to ‘unforseen circumstances’ Most therapists will get it without having to go into actual detail. It’s always better to let your therapist know, coming from an owner’s perspective, even an hour’s notice or 5 minutes notice gives them the o.k. to fill a spot if they can (rather than having to turn people away thinking there was someone still coming for a booking)
  4. Men; brazilian waxing. Not many salons will offer it, unfortunately. If it’s something you really want to get done, ask to speak with the owner about it, to save any young therapists feeling awkward. I would start by asking for a ‘bikini’ wax, or if it was possible to ‘tidy the sides’ before asking for the whole hog. That was what happened with my first male bikini client anyway. There are plenty of salons that offer it, but I would assume it’s better to build a relationship with a therapist you trust rather than just go anywhere just because they have it on the menu.
  5. Fess up. If your therapist asks you if you have been doing your eyebrows yourself at home, or shaving or something along those lines, be honest. There is most likely a good reason for them asking and no, it’s not so that you feel bad. Imagine if you say “no, I haven’t touched my eyebrows”, your therapist might automatically think that’s how you want them all the time, even though you might have actually plucked a little too much. Once she starts waxing it, it’s going to be a very long time before it comes back, if at all.
  6. Not happy? Of course, there are going to be times when you aren’t 100% happy with what the therapist has done. This is a hard one to give advice on, because there are so many factors involved when a treatment doesn’t end up how you expected, but one thing I will recommend here, is something that we all may find hard at times, but I find it works so so well (especially with Beauty Therapists) – super sweetness. If you know exactly what you need changed, or want fixed, you are far more likely to get the desired result by approaching your therapist in a positive way. If you’re unsure why you aren’t happy it’s a little harder. But don’t blame her (even if you want to!) because it most likely won’t end happily for either of you. And at the same time, if you aren’t happy, make sure you speak up. I’d much rather know about it so I can fix it, and so you’re happy, because that means I’ll be seeing you again and again!

I’d love to know if there are any questions you’d like to ask your Beauty Therapist?

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