Shae’s Simple Skin Tips: how to care for skin in winter

We’ve talked about why we get winter skin, but how do we actually care for our skin in winter?

I’m talking about the end of winter, our skin has that lovely build-up of dry, dead skin that just doesn’t seem to want to budge. Here’s a very simple tip that can help to get rid of it:

– Have a long soak in a nice, warm bath. (just remember, if it’s a HOT bath, make sure to coat your skin in oil beforehand). What this does is soaks the dry, dead, stubborn layer, and helps to soften it.

– Just after your bath, grab a dry body brush or even a loofah, and give your body a nice buff (when using a dry body brush, buff towards the centre of your body – towards the heart – with firm, fluid movements)

– Coat yourself with a nice, thick body cream – something like a body butter or a cream with Shea Butter is ideal

That’s it! Your skin will feel silky I promise! The dry body buff after a nice long soak will really clear that hard to move dry layer, making it a very relaxing way to care for that stubborn winter skin

Easy tips to care for skin in winter


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