Blind Pimples – why on earth do we get them?

English: "But, if the pocket of sebum and...

English: “But, if the pocket of sebum and bacteria becomes too large, the follicle will rupture, spilling its contents into the surrounding tissue. These tissues are damaged when the body’s immune system attempts a repair, resulting in a papule, pustule, cyst or abscess.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blind pimples can be the most frustrating, unsatisfying, unwelcome friend on your face. A blind pimple is also referred to as a ‘nodule’. Nodules occur when there is a deep break in the follicle wall of the sebaceous gland in the skin, that becomes infected. Infection empties into the dermis and inflames the surrounding follicles, resulting in hard painful lumps under the skin.

Inflamed, red nodules can be worsened by p.acnes (propionibacteria) bacteria, which lives deep in the follicle and feeds on sebum (sounds lovely I know). If blind pimples rupture or burst, this bacteria can easily spread into more follicles, causing more nodules and surface breakout. This is also the reason that Beauty Therapists will always hound you to stop squeezing. There is good reason for it! Also, if this already enlarged follicle is squeezed and bursts (it is very possible to burst through the follicle wall rather than out of the skin) – it’s very easy for scarring to occur.

Unfortunately, if this is a common occurrence for you, then it might be necessary to see a doctor. Often a course of antibiotics will stop the spread of propionibacteria acnes – which you might also see referred to as ‘p.acnes’ bacteria.

Also, don’t let blind pimples cause you to neglect the regular moisture level of your skin. You need to look after it from the inside and outside. Make sure to keep up your routine of cleansing and moisturising. More often than not, people with breakout skin tend to slow down with the moisturiser when they are breaking out, but this just trains your skin to create more oil to compensate for this lack of moisture (especially if you are using soaps or harsh cleansers that strip away your natural oil).

When searching for skin care, think ‘balancing’ rather than ‘clearing’. Same goes for diet, ‘balancing’. Fish oil is also fantastic for people that are prone to breakout and blind pimples.


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