Your mother always told you; Clean Behind Your Ears!

Cartoon image, bathtime - washing behind ears.

Your mother always told you… wash behind your ears!


man washing behind his ears like his mother told him toDo you think this old nag from child years could have anything to do with keeping a clear complexion?

Cleansing is one of the most important weapons you have in your fight for radiant, clear skin. Why? Think of your cleanser of skin conditioner. It’s essential to properly cleanse your skin morning and night. more info on why here.

If you are using the right cleanser for your skin type (oily, dry, normal or combination), which is pH balanced, you really should go nuts, massaging it in well, right to the outside edges of your face and yes – even behind your ears (if you neglected to in the shower). Also, don’t forget to concentrate even more on places you are prone to large pores and blackheads. Most people brush over their nose, but it tends to be the oiliest and most congested part of the face – if this is the case for you then really make an effort to work your cleanser in.

At night time, it’s a really good idea to cleanse twice (especially if you wear make up) – think of it like this; the first cleanse removes make up and the build-up of the day’s pollution and dirt. The second cleanse will allow your cleanser to really do it’s job, balancing oil flow according to your skin type, and conditioning your skin, ready to absorb moisturiser.

AND – if you do use cleanser to right behind your ears… don’t forget to remove it properly!


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