“But I’m getting my Vitamin D!”

It’s a good excuse to sunbake, yes? Most of us are aware of the huge health benefits of vitamin D – it helps regulate calcium metabolism, which is vital to the nervous system‘s function, helps bones grow and keep their density, monitors the cells in the body, it maintains insulin secretion which is essential to our body turning food into fuel, and maintains blood pressure. And our body produces Vitamin D when exposed to UVB sun rays. So some sun is essential to our health.

Before you go suncreenless ‘vitamin D harvesting’… did you know that the recommended amount of sun to get the optimal amount of vitamin D for the body is about 20 minutes for fair skin, up to 3-6 times that for darker pigmented skins. In Australia it would be slightly less than that average, and it should be most certainly in the early morning or afternoon sun, never in the midday sun.

At this 20 minute mark, the concentration of vitamin D precursors in the skin reach their “I’m done” point, and vitamin D produced starts to become degraded in quality.

So, there is method in our madness when we say don’t overexpose yourself to the sun… you wouldn’t want poor-grade vitamin D fueling such important roles in your body, would you?

Sunbaking image

“I’m just getting my vitamin D…” you can never have enough… or can you?




2 thoughts on ““But I’m getting my Vitamin D!”

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