On the nose

Are you a boy, or do you have a boyfriend that harvests more nose hairs than they probably should? Have you ever tried pulling them out? (Apparently) it really hurts!

One option to take into consideration is waxing nostrils… It’s much more efficient than using a nose hair trimmer (because you’re waxing, the hairs take weeks to grow back, and grow back thinner) and is much less painful than pulling hairs out one at a time (so my male clients tell me, anyway…)

It’s fairly easy, I usually pop a small waxing spatula with wax on the end into the nose, wait for it to dry and pull the stick out (like in the below picture). If you’re attempting it yourself (or for someone else) – I would highly recommend getting it done professionally at least once so you can find out exactly how it’s done (trust me, you wouldn’t want a chunk of wax left up a nostril… Not pleasant!)



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