Strange but true… completely true home beauty tips

Laxative as a facial primer? Really?

We’ve sourced some of the strangest and hard to believe beauty advice we could find (and made sure it’s fact before telling you…). So, all these strange beauty tricks are actually true:

  1. Teabags on sunburn – strongly brewed black tea, yes tea on a fresh sunburn. The tannins in the brewed tea help to reduce swelling in the skin, the red colour and painful burn. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce sunburn immediately after accidental prolonged sun exposure. The stronger the better.
  2. Raw potato to refine skin texture – Potatoes contain enzymes that help promote healthy skin and reduce scarring. Cut a potato in half and rub it all over the relevant area, leave it on to dry then buff it away.
  3. Clear eyes, clear face – I like this one! Dab a little of your clearing eye drops onto pimples to reduce the size quickly (particularly for inflamed pimples) – they contain vasoconstrictors which will help to reduce inflamed pimples
  4. No more red faces – unless you like to advertise you’ve been to the gym by sporting a flushed face (I’m not judging, it’s something I would probably do – if I went to the gym!), try popping an antihistamine beforehand. It helps to prevent red faces from exercise.
  5. Laxatives to prime – this is a strange one. But liquid laxatives (or indigestion liquids too) can help to reduce shine on oily skin. They contain Milk of Magnesia, a chalky ingredient, that when applied in a small amount to oily areas, creates a smooth canvas for foundation application.
  6. Oil as a cleanser – especially if you have problems with oily skin… the reason being is oil dissolves oil, and helps to leave the perfect amount of oil on your skin for it to function optimally. This will lead to less breakouts and a healthy glow. Olive oil is a fantastic oil to use on the skinCoffee bean image
  7. Coffee bean legs – using leftover crushed coffee beans as an exfoliant helps to increase microcirculation, which is excellent for cellulite.
  8. Jelly lip stain – try this with some gloss over the top; dab a wet cotton tip into jelly crystals and apply to the lips for a lasting lip stain
  9. Just cleansing, honey – honey is a fantastic skin cleanser (if you can get past the stickiness…) on all types of skin, but especially skins prone to acne or with oil issues. Honey is a natural antibacterial and will help to stop the spread of the p-acnes bacteria that makes acne spread on the skin.
  10. Tomato Sauce on Blonde Hair: Blonde disasters that have turned your hair green? The red condiment can neutralise the green tones that happen when your blonde hair goes feral. Leave on for 20 minutes, rinse off and shampoo as normal

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