Simple skin tips; one of the most underrated products

This is a good one to keep in mind whenever you get stuck without your proper skin cleanser (for whatever reason that may be…)


Hair conditioner makes a fantastic alternative for the skin. It’s balancing properties work well for the skin’s natural pH, and conditioning properties achieve very similar results to what a cleanser is designed for, anyway.


A cleanser should always be thought of as a skin conditioner, so it makes sense that hair conditioner works in the same way. And no, shampoo doesn’t work in that way because it actually strips back the pH in order to clean. More necessary for the hair, but not necessary for our delicate skin.


Not something that you would use permanently in lieu of cleansing (because a good skin cleanser will have properties that suit your skin type etc), but good for a couple of nights if you run out of cleanser. Give it a try, it makes your skin feel beautiful!

Hair conditioner image


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