Smile for perfect skin… (really!)

By Shae Marshall-Rae


There are so many bits of advice out there to help you achieve the perfect everything…

After reading this, you will notice those people. You know the ones, that always have a huge smile on their face… who have this kind of positive attitude that you didn’t think was humanly possible. In fact, it can get quite annoying if you’re having a shit day. I can talk this way about these people because really, I am one of them —I often joke that my positive attitude can even annoy myself after a while.

What do you notice about these kind of people? Their skin is… radiant. You wanna know why? It might sound like new age ‘thought-power’ talk, but it’s because they are happy. Genuine happiness is the key to radiant skin, and here’s why;

Stress is one of the biggest causes of negative effects on the skin. Stress causes an imbalance of hormones within the body, which is ultimately is going to end up showing on your skin. One of the most common signs is localised, persistent, unexplained breakout. Another, not-so-obvious sign is sensitive, dehydrated skin. The reason for this, is because when we are stressed, our body directs nutrients to vital organs in order to protect itself. This means circulation becomes less efficient to the extremities —this is why we often get cold hands and feet when we are stressed. What this means for the skin is less nutrient-rich, fresh oxygenated blood — which is what keeps our skin hydrated, plump and vibrant.

It’s not always possible to be that sickly-sweet, sunny-side-up type, we all know this. Even the most positive attitudes can have their bad days. It’s important to look after your skin on these days… eat well (contrary to popular belief, chocolate is ok on these days! If your body is craving something, don’t deny yourself — it’s only going to make you more miserable), relax… give your skin a massage to help circulation… and if all else fails, you could give these facial exercises a go (video link here) —if you can’t bring yourself to actually do the exercises, you’ll laugh hard enough to have just as much benefit!

Image; smile for perfect skin


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