Lay the pressure on …my face (go on, please!?)

Don’t underestimate the power you hold to change your own skin —right now, no further ingredients necessary.

put the pressure on face

By Shae Marshall-Rae


We’ve discovered the benefits of a healthy, blood pumping massage on the skin, but what if I told you that you could go one step further? I have said it before, and I will say it again… having good product is certainly an important part of looking after your face, but we all hold the real power to completely change our skin’s health in our very own fingertips.


What’s the theory?

The theory is simple biology. Our bodies need certain things in order to function well. So does our skin —our skin pretty much needs exactly the same things that our bodies do to keep healthy; water, oxygen, balanced nutrients… and our blood is what helps deliver all those lovely things to our body —and our skin.

Adding another layer to massage, which helps to generally stimulate blood flow to the skin —is pressure point stimulation. Yes, it might sound a little bit like new-age holistic mumbo-jumbo, but when you break down the theory behind it, it makes sense.


Why Pressure Points?

Pressure points are areas of the body and face that are sensitive to pressure. They can be a cluster of nerves, or sensitive areas of muscles, blood vessels and veins. They often cause pain when pressed because of the negative reaction caused —i.e. pressing down on them can cause nerves to press against bone, or restrict blood flow to the area, which causes a pain reaction in the brain.

There are many many uses for learning pressure point massage, including pain relief by using pressure on trigger points to release enzyme build-up and toxins, but what we are focusing on here is the benefit for the skin, and in particular, facial skin. Basically, what we are aiming to achieve is to restrict the blood flow to key areas of the face by applying pressure for a couple of minutes, whilst relaxing —which helps us to breathe deeply, bringing more oxygen into the blood for even more benefit.

What happens when we release the pressure from the point we are holding is something just a little bit more magical than just plain massage. The body’s natural reaction to restricted blood flow is for it to push more blood to try and free the blockage —this fresh blood flow will help clear toxins and help give a radiant, healthy glow to skin by delivering more nutrient and hydration from the body.


I don’t wanna press on my pimples, are you crazy!?

Actually, This fresh blood flow is particularly beneficial for skins prone to acne and breakout. Why? Well, if the skin is congesting, caused by something internally, this fresh blood flow suddenly rushing through the skin is going to help clear the blockage. Even surface congestion will benefit by the added hydration and nutrient now finding it’s way to the surface. Also, we are looking at certain trigger points on the face, it’s only a small bit to press on (rather than massaging over the entire face)


How to get started

The best thing about pressure point stimulation is that it is so easy, you don’t need to add anything special to your skin, you can do it basically whenever you like. I try to do it with freshly cleansed and moisturised skin at nighttime, but this is just because of my routine. The only thing you need to make sure of, is that you keep a firm, steady pressure, and to breathe as deeply and slowly as you can as you press into the pressure points, to help force oxygen into the blood at the same time. I usually press for about the count of 3 – 5 deep slow breaths. If you feel a slight pulse in the area as you let the pressure off, you are doing it right!

Here are a few points to try:

pressure point massage for acne skins

Along the jawline, this is particularly beneficial for acne

pressure point massage for great skin

Upper neck (pressing from behind) – in the muscular area that attaches to the skull

pressure point massage for face

Some general pressure points for overall skin health – in front of the ears is particularly beneficial

Middle of eyebrows facial pressure point

In the middle of the eyebrows, one of the most important facial pressure points

pressure point massage for acne skins

In the meaty area under the cheekbone – hold this one for longer if you are prone to acne


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