The personality of your face (trust me, it has one)

By Shae Marshall-Rae

Is it possible that your personality directly relates to your skin? We’ve looked at how smiles can transform your skin and make it glow, but a recent study (by Nivea Skincare) has taken it slightly further and found that there is a direct relationship between our personalities and our skin type.

Here are the 5 skin personality types they found:

Do-ers; about 30% of people are ‘doers’ —this is found to be the most active personality type. They take a proactive approach to life, preferring to make things happen for themselves. These skin types can often be oilier and they are often the biggest users of skincare, as they value their radiant complexions to their success. I can see how ‘doers’ may be predisposed to oily skin — their active lives relate to active skin too — hence meaning oily. If you’re a ‘doer’, focus your skincare towards balancing.

Thinkers; about 27% of people are ‘thinkers’, who tend to be introverted rational types, that enjoy spending time alone and aren’t heavily focused on touch. Their view of skin is tended more towards skin’s biological purpose rather than aesthetics, and they tend to have a normal skin type, preferring basic skin care. I would think (no pun intended) that thinkers would tend towards dehydration, due to their basic use of skincare. If so, hyaluronic acid serums are the quickest and easiest way to keep normal skin looking fresh, plump, and healthy.

Seekers; make up about 12% of people. Big believers in following their intuition, but also seeking acceptance via conforming to rules and expectations. These conflicts make seekers quite passive people, who can tend to feel that they are at the mercy of the world. This constant stressed state can lead seeker’s skins to be prone to breakout issues, blackheads and congestion

Helpers; making up about 11% of people, helpers are the most emotional skin personality. They highly value touch, and skin-to-skin contact. They are intuitively led by feelings, spontaneous, and thrive on forming new relationships. Helpers have a tendency towards riding their emotions. Due to their natural sensitivity, it’s no surprise that helpers are prone to sensitive skin. If you’re a helper, keep your sensitivity at bay by ensuring your skin is always well-nourished, focusing on key ingredients that are calming and soothing.

Moralists; at about 6%, moralists have high moral and ethical standards. They desire to influence others, but are often introverted — often avoiding situations that could possibly lead them to disappointment. Moralists don’t like to be touched, even by their friends. They claim not to idealise beauty, but tend to use skin care products heavily despite these ideals. Their skin tends to be more dry/combination, very sensitive and reactive, and prone to dull/lacklustre tones. Moralist skin types would benefit from using a light-reflecting skin primer, that contains mica or crushed mother of pearl — a primer is light enough to use over moisturiser, and will reflect light from the skin’s surface, making the skin appear to be glowing.


Makes sense that our skin is influenced by our personality. Of course, genetics play a big role in determining our life-long skin type, but our personality and outlook on life has great influence over the condition of our skin also. So, when they say ‘smiles don’t lie’ —they’re not too far off the mark.

So… what’s your face’s personality?



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