Simple Skin; Three Litres to a Brand New Face

By Shae Marshall-Rae

It seems too simple; three litres of water per day to take 10 years off your face. When I came across this article on the Daily Mail website (article here), it served as a good reminder to up my water-drinking habits.

I have always been big on drinking water, I’ve always felt that it somehow makes up for my lack of nutritional sensibility (i.e. addiction to chocolate, skittles and red fizzy drink). But it wasn’t until I considered this article that I realised that I had let it slip — and why my skin was slipping too.

For three weeks now, I’ve been consistently drinking three litres of water a day. It seems like a lot, and that it would be hard to keep up with this intake (especially with the obvious issue of increased bathroom visits) — but the immediate and noticeable benefits far outweigh any inconveniences. My skin feels fantastic, all my surface congestion has disappeared, and my skin is incredibly hydrated and toned. And yes, I’ve noticed this obvious difference in just three weeks.

I would urge anyone that’s having skin issues to give it a go. After all, it’s just water —we all need it! (and you have my permission to keep eating chocolate and skittles… I did!)




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