Busting Zits; fighting from the inside

Its all well and good to combat breakout using skincare. There are some fantastic products out there that will help clear pimples really quickly and keep oily skin from being overactive.

But, if you’re prone to breakout, would it not make sense to fight your zits from the inside?

Pimples and breakout are an external sign of internal skin issues. Keeping things healthy from the inside is the fastest way to recovery for persistent issues with breakout.

So, what’s the best way to achieve this?

1. Balance. I hate to be the one to preach on this, because I can’t say that I am the best at it. But, if you are having persistent issues with your skin breaking out, it’s probably best to consider your diet as a preventative measure. I like to think of being ‘balanced’ rather then being ‘perfect’. I’ll never give up my lolly and chocolate habits, but I’ll make an effort to balance things out in the rest of my diet. Orange fruit and vegetables are great, as well as fish with Omega 3 (like salmon) are great for breakout in particular. But, if all else fails in making your diet amazing… the next tip on the list is one of the most powerful ways you can balance out your diet, it’s like a trump card to help make anything better;

2. H2O. Yup, water. Give your skin a drink. You will love me for it. Have a read of my recent article here for some more inspiration. Upping water intake is particularly beneficial for acne-prone skins, as it flushes out the toxins that cause the imbalance leading to breakout. If you have persistent breakout, I would recommend this first and foremost.

3. Supplements. Ok, they aren’t fresh food, but let’s face it, supplements are designed to help us supplement our diets, and contribute to that all-important balance. Supplements particularly beneficial for breakout; zinc — which helps to fight p.acnes bacteria (which causes breakout to spread), and helps reduce swelling —which is really important with sebaceous acne, as it helps reduce inflammation. Also; fish oil — fish oil is fantastic for skin health and also particularly for reducing breakout and keeping it at bay ongoing (more info here)


Skincare is important, but if you don’t fix things from the inside, you’re going to find that you’ll just keep getting them back again and again. Instead, fight zits from the inside first and you won’t get them back anymore! It’s that simple…!

fighting breakout from the inside


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