Simple Skin: before you leave your bathroom…

Simple Skin: Immediately after your shower, make sure to apply a good layer of moisturiser (on your face AND body). Make sure to apply before you leave the steamy bathroom, too:

After showering, your skin is dewy and hydrated from the shower steam. But as soon as you leave your steamy bathroom, that precious moisture evaporates super fast, especially in colder seasons. When that moisture evaporates, it will take your natural hydration along with it, too – leaving your skin feeling dry really fast.

The thicker the moisturiser, the better (especially in the colder climates – seeing as here in Australia we are coming into winter, this is especially important) – oils are also fantastic if you don’t like a heavy moisturiser. A cheap alternative is baby oil; because it doesn’t cost the earth you can use as much of it as you like! Your skin will be super happy



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