About Us

Facet’ed Beauty Design is the creation of a young woman who was once described as “taking over the world… one eyebrow wax at a time”. She comes from a background of owning two businesses, salons (for a very popular brand in Australia). She was the youngest person within this brand to own two salons so quickly.

The idea for Facet’ed began when she was thinking about a fight that she had with her hairdresser. She was a busy woman. After forgetting about a hair treatment that she had booked, her hairdresser called her and asked her to pay for her forgetfulness. She was appalled.

“I have a cancellation policy too. But not once have I ever enforced it! EVER! Now, I’m a good client. I get annoyed when hairdressers don’t try and sell me product. One mistake on my behalf meant that this guy has lost a client, and gotten some bad word-of-mouth that I am STILL talking about today”

What it made her think about, is the fact that hairdressers don’t dish up quite enough information for you to be able to go elsewhere and get what you want.

“The only reason that a lot of people keep going back to the same hairdresser over and over is because they are scared to go anywhere else, even if they aren’t happy with the service they are getting currently”

She did feel that this translated over to beauty, too. This has inspired a brand new brand. One that focuses on educating clients from a professional perspective.

“I want to give clients enough information that they could go to ANY salon and be able to describe exactly what they want. The reason that they will come back to us time and time again is because not only do we do amazing brows, but our service will mean they won’t want to go anywhere else, ever!”

So, she is going out on her own. determined to make her own stamp in the beauty world. Facet’ed is born. Any of your comments/thoughts/criticism would be very much appreciated. Because, after all, this won’t be possible without people to make it happen!


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello, I am new at bikini waxing. The salon that I work at only uses hot strip wax. I can do the sides and top without any problems but when I get to the bottom the wax seems to get stuck on the skin or trapped in hair. It seems like something always happens down there. I am not wearing gloves right now only so I can feel the direction of the hair growth and I’m not liking that but I don’t know what else to do. Thanks for any tips.

    • Hi Pam. Apologies in the delay getting back to you. That’s no good that you are having such a negative experience with bikini waxing so early on. Especially because it’s already a hard wax to perfect. Strip wax is definitely much harder to complete a full bikini with. As hard as it may be, I would definitely not recommend waxing without gloves, especially when it comes to bikini. It’s for your own protection. The only thing I could recommend, is to maybe start by working in small patches. You should be able to see the direction of the hair growth – apply with the hair. Ask your client to hold their skin tight, for you. The tighter the skin when you remove, the easier it will remove. Make sure that the wax paper is pressed very firmly, and when you remove, use a firm, fast and strong movement to remove the wax, all the time making sure to keep the skin as tight as possible. Hope that helps!

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