If eyebrows could talk…

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Eyebrow Embroidery: Creating an entirely new eyebrow shape?

English: Permanent Makeup - Eyebrow Procedure

English: Permanent Makeup – Eyebrow Procedure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It doesn’t sound right, does it …embroidery in your eyebrows? You might also know it now by a few other names, like semi-permanent tattoo, micropigmentation, or semi-permanent make up. If you haven’t heard of it, I don’t blame you. Until I stumbled across this about a year or so ago (after more than 7 years in the industry, and now as a professional eyebrow consultant), I had never heard of it.

What is eyebrow embroidery?

Put simply, eyebrow embroidery is a new cosmetic tattoo technique, that is semi-permanent. The reason that this form of cosmetic tattoo is only semi permanent, is because the tattoo ink is precisely deposited into the top layers of the skin only – the epidermis – about where pigmentation sits (not down into the dermis like permanent tattoos).

The benefit of this, is that much finer strokes are possible, so the artist can create almost brand new eyebrows, because the result looks like natural hair strokes. This differs from traditional cosmetic tattoo, because there is a much finer precision. Also, the tattoo won’t bleed into the skin over time, creating that greenish tinge and faded outline.

Good eyebrow embroidery artists will correctly match your colour, and also create light and shade within the shape, to make them look even more real. This is good to keep in mind if you have a disaster eyebrow wax resulting in a painstakingly long recovery process (once those terminal hairs are removed accidentally from your eyebrow, they seem to take months and months to grow back to normal) – but eyebrow embroidery certainly could create a fix that’s permanent enough to last you until those hairs grow back! Eyebrow embroidery can also help you if you have NO eyebrows… or very sparse ones.

It’s not cheap, places charge about $500 (that’s a very rough average) – but some places will also include a follow-up visit, and will draw the shape on in the consultation process so you can make sure that the eyebrows you are about to have embroidered on are right for you.


Top this!

To top or not to top? Many people have very set preference when it comes to waxing the top of their brows. There’s an old wives’ tale that suggests we should never shape above the brows, but here’s the reality of it:

Some people, need the tops done. Their hair just simply grows from the top of their brow to the start of their hairline (lucky them! They have hair to play with!) it’s the only way they will get definition in their shape. Other, not-so-luckies… The ones that want more thickness or ‘oomph’, should probably avoid waxing above. If you don’t have the bulk in the eyebrow, then waxing above, no matter how neat it might make it, will make it look thin.

First and foremost, there are plenty of oil glands at the top of the brows (much more than underneath), its very common to breakout.

Another good reason to keep the above if you’re worried about bulk, is that eyebrow powders will grab any baby fluff hairs, so if you’re colouring them in (don’t worry, I fall into this category too), brow powder will happily stick to those baby fluff hairs, so best leave them. Don’t be afraid to be vocal with your therapist, too. After I’m done telling you about brows you will be such an expert that any therapist will be too scared to not let you leave with amazing eyebrows! Stay tuned!