Busting Zits; fighting from the inside

fighting breakout from the inside

Its all well and good to combat breakout using skincare. There are some fantastic products out there that will help clear pimples really quickly and keep oily skin from being overactive. But, if you’re prone to breakout, would it not … Continue reading

Beauty Myths – on the chopping block

Last post we looked at strange home remedies, this time we’re looking at some common beauty myths:

Chocolate image - beauty myths

  1. Chocolate causes pimples – this is a big fat no. Chocolate doesn’t make you break out. But, here is where the line gets a little bit shaky… Chocolate in itself will not make you break out, but if you are having more than what is a balanced amount for your body, then you will start to run into breakout issues. An undesirable bump in your blood sugar can create havoc in your sebaceous glands, which can lead to systemic acne. This really doesn’t just mean chocolate though, it actually refers to your entire diet. Balance is key. If you are worried about blood sugar issues, steer clear of refined sugars in large amounts, and go for low GI instead.
  2. We age faster on the right side – this is completely true, with most people (in Australia anyway), and here’s why; one word. Sunscreen (or lack thereof). Another word; driving. People that drive a lot tend to age faster on their right side (or the left depending on your country) because we expose ourselves to the sun on the right side while driving. Also, people that tend to favour one side when they sleep will wrinkle faster on that side.
  3. Pores ‘open’ and ‘close’ – like a book? No. They don’t. They produce sebum, and clog. But they don’t actually open and close, contrary to popular belief. Some pores can become enlarged due to excessive clogging. The reason that some people worry about getting large pores on their nose or similar, is usually because there is an imbalance in the skin which is causing areas with a higher concentration of sebum excretion (like the T zone etc) to clog. If this imbalance isn’t corrected, the clogging will worsen over time.
  4. Wearing make up is no good for your skin – not true. It’s not fantastic for your skin, but provided it’s non comedogenic (doesn’t cause comedones, or blocked pores), as long as it is cleansed off properly, it’s more than fine to wear.
  5. Oily skin doesn’t need moisturising – so false. Oily skin needs just as much (if not more) love than dry skin. The reason being, is oil is different to water. A healthy, hydrated skin will maintain it’s own balance much more efficiently, meaning oily skin will remain balanced. If an oily skin isn’t moisturised, the sebaceous glands will go crazy and compensate by making more oil to make up for the imbalance. This becomes even worse if you’re using stripping cleansers to remove oil as well.
  6. Nail polish will turn your nails yellow – the only reason that nail polish turns nails yellow is because some of the pigment is absorbed into the nail bed. There’s a reason that your beauty therapist seems to paint layer upon layer when polishing your nails, the first layer, the base coat, prevents this discolouration of your nail
  7. Toothpaste will kill a big pimple – this is true, to an extent. It isn’t a guaranteed fix, but it can help to absorb some of the excess oil and help stop the spread of the p acnes bacteria. Don’t put too much on though, and don’t leave it for too long.
  8. Cleanse, tone moisturise… right? – not necessarily. You should think of it more like ‘clean, condition, moisturise’. Clean – cleansing your skin, removing make-up and the day’s pollution build-up. Condition – this is when your skin should become balanced. If you are using a good cleanser that is pH balanced, then performing a second cleanse on your skin will be all you need to do to correctly ‘condition’ it. No toner necessary. Moisturise – well you should know this one by now. And if you don’t, have a look through some of my old posts!



Shae’s Simple Skin Tip: to get clear skin and KEEP clear skin

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Please! Don’t break your face!

Squeezing pimples 101

Therapists will always tell you not to squeeze pimples. Me, unfortunately… I’m going to put up my hand and say i’m also one of those naggers. Sunscreen, and zits are the two things I like to rant about.

But, being the bright spark I am, (or mainly becuase I am the exact same), I know it won’t actually stop most people. So, I will instead explain how to do it properly.

Think about what a pimple is (ok, so maybe turn off from now on if you are squeamish)… it’s a blocked pore. Plugged in the top with skin cells, sometimes with quite a layer stopping it from getting out. It is actually very easy to squeeze a pimple out the wrong way. Yes, it sounds gross, and really, it is! (I did see a friend do this after I warned him. Right in front of my eyes. He used tweezers to squeeze and it burst straight into his skin!) it takes a long time to heal!

First and foremost, decide if it is worthwhile touching it. If it’s small and hard (or with a white head and close to the surface), it’s probably safe to ‘extract’. Deeper, red inflamed babies should stay where they are unfortunately. Busting them open is really only going to create a lovely scab that is much much harder to hide with make up than a smooth bump. The best thing to do for those ones is to actually give your face a really good (but gentle) cleanse, then with a little extra moisturiser (yes you heard right), massage over the area gently but firmly. This may feel strange (just be careful if the pimple is sore), but it creates circulation which helps to assist healing faster. Also, if it’s going to come out, it will help it towards the surface much quicker. Massage also aids healing post-squeeze, too!

If it’s a popper, you will need two things. Tissue, firmly wrapped around both popping fingers. This serves a purpose, to stop your fingers from sliding while extracting. Also, a needle (sterilised of course!), it may be necessary to very gently just pop the very top off the blockage (be very careful! I’m talking about the tiniest nick right in the very top of the pimple) – this just makes sure that when pressure is applied, the blockage is more likely to bust through the top and not the bottom.

Position your fingers as close as you can to either side (a lot of people don’t have their fingers close enough when squeezing so it just doesn’t come out). Gently, push the skin down either side, and as you do, wiggle gently inwards towards the middle of the pimple. Sort of making an under-then-upwards motion, sort of ‘scooping’ it out. Keep doing this gently until the pimple comes out.

Afterwards, apply an anti-bac. This helps to prevent any p-acne bacteria from spreading and creating babies on your face. If you don’t have anti-bac, cleanse again, give your skin a good wipe and be very sure not to touch. Pop a good dab of moisturiser on too to help healing.


Please think of me next time you go to squeeze pimples… or at least think what might happen if it busts the wrong way!

Simple Skin: Wipe your iPhone, prevent breakout

Getting that small, rough congestion on the outside edges of your face? Don’t forget that your iPhone is taking samples of your skin all day long… including; make up, pollution and dirt. Wipe it regularly to keep it face-friendly. You can splash out on proper wipes, but I just use a light isopropyl alcohol wipe

clean phone, prevent breakout, congestion, pimples

Regularly cleaning your iphone can help get rid of congestion