Simple Skin: before you leave your bathroom…

Simple Skin: Immediately after your shower, make sure to apply a good layer of moisturiser (on your face AND body). Make sure to apply before you leave the steamy bathroom, too: After showering, your skin is dewy and hydrated from … Continue reading

Guilty! Admit it —you’re guilty of this

By Shae Marshall-Rae You’d be surprised some of the things all of us do at some stage or another, that our skin doesn’t like us for… you’d also be surprised how easy these habits are to change:     Cleansing … Continue reading

Please! Don’t break your face!

Squeezing pimples 101

Therapists will always tell you not to squeeze pimples. Me, unfortunately… I’m going to put up my hand and say i’m also one of those naggers. Sunscreen, and zits are the two things I like to rant about.

But, being the bright spark I am, (or mainly becuase I am the exact same), I know it won’t actually stop most people. So, I will instead explain how to do it properly.

Think about what a pimple is (ok, so maybe turn off from now on if you are squeamish)… it’s a blocked pore. Plugged in the top with skin cells, sometimes with quite a layer stopping it from getting out. It is actually very easy to squeeze a pimple out the wrong way. Yes, it sounds gross, and really, it is! (I did see a friend do this after I warned him. Right in front of my eyes. He used tweezers to squeeze and it burst straight into his skin!) it takes a long time to heal!

First and foremost, decide if it is worthwhile touching it. If it’s small and hard (or with a white head and close to the surface), it’s probably safe to ‘extract’. Deeper, red inflamed babies should stay where they are unfortunately. Busting them open is really only going to create a lovely scab that is much much harder to hide with make up than a smooth bump. The best thing to do for those ones is to actually give your face a really good (but gentle) cleanse, then with a little extra moisturiser (yes you heard right), massage over the area gently but firmly. This may feel strange (just be careful if the pimple is sore), but it creates circulation which helps to assist healing faster. Also, if it’s going to come out, it will help it towards the surface much quicker. Massage also aids healing post-squeeze, too!

If it’s a popper, you will need two things. Tissue, firmly wrapped around both popping fingers. This serves a purpose, to stop your fingers from sliding while extracting. Also, a needle (sterilised of course!), it may be necessary to very gently just pop the very top off the blockage (be very careful! I’m talking about the tiniest nick right in the very top of the pimple) – this just makes sure that when pressure is applied, the blockage is more likely to bust through the top and not the bottom.

Position your fingers as close as you can to either side (a lot of people don’t have their fingers close enough when squeezing so it just doesn’t come out). Gently, push the skin down either side, and as you do, wiggle gently inwards towards the middle of the pimple. Sort of making an under-then-upwards motion, sort of ‘scooping’ it out. Keep doing this gently until the pimple comes out.

Afterwards, apply an anti-bac. This helps to prevent any p-acne bacteria from spreading and creating babies on your face. If you don’t have anti-bac, cleanse again, give your skin a good wipe and be very sure not to touch. Pop a good dab of moisturiser on too to help healing.


Please think of me next time you go to squeeze pimples… or at least think what might happen if it busts the wrong way!

Shae’s Simple Skin Tip: Grease me up!

Oil is one of the best things you can cleanse your skin with. Especially if you have oil issues… just think, if you put some oil in water, it just floats on the top. the only thing oil will actually mix with is other oils. It’s the same for your skin. An oil cleanser will help dissolve the excessive oil build up in an unbalanced skin, and add nourishment to dry patches. Persevere and you will notice a big difference!


Just a little of that human touch…

Don’t underestimate the power you hold to change your own skin, right now, no further ingredients necessary.

It’s very possible. Not enough people treat themselves to facials. Me being one of them (before I owned my salons or worked in the industry I had never had a facial). But those that do, know the feeling, that plump, pleasant feeling on the skin. Most of the ingredients to do these treatments yourself at home are readily available. But most people that do their own facial routine at home notice that their skin never gets that glow that comes from a salon treatment. Yes, it is hard to replicate yourself and nothing will replace the result that having someone else touch your skin creates, but I’ll tell you what the big difference is

Massaging your skin. The cheapest, easiest way to change it. Rid pimples, prevent premature ageing, hydrate and balance oil…

It’s logical when you think about it. All the things that we love in life can have a negative effect on the skin. Drinking, smoking, partying until the wee hours of the morning… A lot of these things restrict blood flow to the surface of the skin, and weaken capillaries. Massage stimulates this blood flow, bringing fresh oxygen to the surface of the skin, breathing new life into it. Fresh, healthy skin is balanced, doesn’t break out (unless there is another underlying issue) and maintains it’s hydration.

It is best to do this with an oil or serum. If you don’t have money to spend, try it with olive oil (cold pressed or organic is best). After freshly cleansed skin, pop on your serum or oil (or, 1 pump of serum with a light coating of oil over the top), and massage your skin for a couple of minutes. Morning and night. Use flat palms to create friction, and circular movements around your eyes with your fingers. You will notice a red flushed tone to your skin afterwards, this is good! It means you are bringing that blood flow up, exactly what we want.

Don’t be scared if you breakout when you first start trying this. Don’t give up, either. It’s just your skin getting rid of the underlying breakout that’s been building under the surface of your skin. You’ll notice as soon as it clears, your skin will be looking the best it ever has!