Simple Skin: before you leave your bathroom…

Simple Skin: Immediately after your shower, make sure to apply a good layer of moisturiser (on your face AND body). Make sure to apply before you leave the steamy bathroom, too: After showering, your skin is dewy and hydrated from … Continue reading

Guilty! Admit it —you’re guilty of this

By Shae Marshall-Rae You’d be surprised some of the things all of us do at some stage or another, that our skin doesn’t like us for… you’d also be surprised how easy these habits are to change:     Cleansing … Continue reading

How can we get glowing skin? I’ll tell you!

how can we get glowing skin

How can we get that beautiful, luminous, glowing skin? A healthy-looking, bright complexion? Here are my simple top tips for glowing skin: Shave down the shower. Like I have explained previously, hot water is harsh on the skin’s natural protective … Continue reading