Busting Zits; fighting from the inside

fighting breakout from the inside

Its all well and good to combat breakout using skincare. There are some fantastic products out there that will help clear pimples really quickly and keep oily skin from being overactive. But, if you’re prone to breakout, would it not … Continue reading

Shae’s Simple Skin Tip: to get clear skin and KEEP clear skin

Tips to get Clear Skin… and keep clear skin Understanding what causes pimples There are plenty of people giving tips on how to get clear skin, but if you’re prone to breaking out then it’s a good idea to understand what could … Continue reading

How can we get glowing skin? I’ll tell you!

how can we get glowing skin

How can we get that beautiful, luminous, glowing skin? A healthy-looking, bright complexion? Here are my simple top tips for glowing skin: Shave down the shower. Like I have explained previously, hot water is harsh on the skin’s natural protective … Continue reading