Simple Skin: before you leave your bathroom…

Simple Skin: Immediately after your shower, make sure to apply a good layer of moisturiser (on your face AND body). Make sure to apply before you leave the steamy bathroom, too: After showering, your skin is dewy and hydrated from … Continue reading

Simple Skin Care; Downward Dog

downward facing dog simple skin care faceted beauty shae marshall-rae

by Shae Marshall-Rae Here’s an easy one that might have you bending over …forwards. Yoga is great for blood flow in the body. But some moves are also great for your face β€” like Downward-Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, or my … Continue reading

Busting Zits; fighting from the inside

fighting breakout from the inside

Its all well and good to combat breakout using skincare. There are some fantastic products out there that will help clear pimples really quickly and keep oily skin from being overactive. But, if you’re prone to breakout, would it not … Continue reading

If eyebrows could talk…

By Shae Marshall-Rae We’re taught in science that every part to the human body has an important job. The peculiar shape of our ears creates an exact precision for hearing β€” allowing us to hear a large range of sounds, … Continue reading

Guilty! Admit it β€”you’re guilty of this

By Shae Marshall-Rae You’d be surprised some of the things all of us do at some stage or another, that our skin doesn’t like us for… you’d also be surprised how easy these habits are to change:     Cleansing … Continue reading